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U-Project was started by two best friends. We met back in Ibiza 2013 and have been best buds ever since. Early 2016 we realised that we were thinking and living lazily, basically we were getting fat and life was boring. However we had developed a knack for seeing each other's weaknesses, and decided between us to start changing our mindsets and habits to create a more energised and happier life for ourselves within the world that we live in.

U-Project was created in the wake of our own body transformations, to be a part of the journeys of like minded millennials, and be right there with the tools you’ll need to start your own journey, one day at a time.

We understand the wants and desires of modern day millennials, we also understand how tough it can be getting and staying lean whilst still having an exciting life.

U-Project will allow  you to get to your goal, whatever it may be, through accountability and simple ideas that will get you back on track and create building blocks required for permanent change.

You’ll be able to carry the habits, principals and health-hacks with you throughout life. Which means waving goodbye to old you and starting your U-Project.