The 3 best ways to melt fat

The 3 best ways to melt fat


Weight loss, in social terms, is dying, to a lot of people it screams ‘diet’ or even worse ‘yo-yo dieting’ and that is just not cool no matter how disciplined or dedicated you are.

We want Fat loss We want MORE, not less energy when we hit our body goals 

And more importantly we want to take it off and keep it off

Basically, we want our metabolism performing BETTER, not WORSE after we’ve smashed our goals

So here are 3 principals that if applied, will speed up Fat burning 10 fold

1. Get in the zone – Nutritionally balanced meals 6 times a day. not extreme calorie or carbohydrate deficits

2. Know your personalised calorie (BMR) and protein target – Trying to burn fat without these two nuggets of info is like getting in your car and having no destination, you might try and get somewhere, getting lost along the way or you’ll give up and go home.

3. Enjoy working out – pick a form of exercise that you enjoy doing i.e running or swimming and base your fitness regime around this its pointless forcing yourself to do something you hate because you just wont stick too it

Bonus tip 

Tracking – Throw away the scales and measure your process with either body calipers or weekly photos.