Up until mid December 2015 I’d lived a very unhealthy life, even though i didn't start drinking until i was 21 i had zero idea about how to stay healthy or what it felt like feeling energised.

I had got so used to drinking every day for 3 and a half years, had an out of control ego and always wanted people around me, maybe it was for acceptance, maybe i was just lost.

My drinking and takeaway lifestyle cost me more than just a few trips to hospital, it resulted in me losing what felt like it all.

Over the course of the journey my relationships all failed, my career went down the pan, I had around 40k worth of debt, a family who had no respect for me and had to sell my property to cover myself financially.



It took until December 2015, when I met Sonko, who told me point blank that i was ‘far to fat’ to be a football coach and that my whole club and team’s were laughing at me behind my back, it was soon after that i got sacked from my key role at harlow town football club. I had hit my rock bottom.

It hit me there and then that there was no room for laziness anymore, lazy living and especially lazy thinking but I was entrenched in a comfort zone so deep I could see no way out.

I was recommended to a local wellness coach, Leo, who would be able to help me out with the weight.

After the meeting with Leo, I was all set with a plan, products and a new mentality. I was at least going to try, I had nothing to lose.


Things started looking up fast, not only had i stopped drinking excessively i was getting compliments every day about how much better i was looking, and boy did it feel great.

I had shed 49 pounds of fat by the middle of march 2016, in what seemed like a whirlwind 110 days.

The weight loss alone brought alot of other good things into my world and I was in the lucky position of being able to share my ‘secrets’ with others.

CONT ....




I had never known how good it felt to be able to give someone else the tools required to change their own life through weight loss.

It wasn't all about the weight loss though, I started making new friends and reading positive and instructional books, opportunities were finding me and life was looking up.

It felt amazing going around and living as a new man.

I spent the rest of 2016 enjoying myself, cleaning up the mess of my past life, exploring opportunities and helping others with their own weight loss journeys.


2017 came around and i decided to get serious again and take it to a whole new level with my body, I started running and training in the gym properly. I wanted a six pack, i wanted to be as lean as i possibly could be.

I joined a 90 day challenge, which was by far the hardest thing I’d ever done, especially with my body and took it on full throttle.

I'm down to 12 stone now and a low teens body fat% , and can honestly say i’ll never look back.


The plans for 2017 are all set.

Building my first business, training as a PT, taking on a lifelong dream of becoming a fully qualified travelling bartender plus travel plans until 2019 at least. Oh and a tough mudder and photoshoot in May.

With the intention of taking part in regular big name events like marathons now that i have the confidence and fitness.


To anyone out there struggling with life challenges, feeling stuck or generally unhappy, the very act of taking on and committing to a body transformation, of any level, will fill you with confidence each and every day.

The examples here are endless but take your career for example, turning up every morning energised with a clear mind, having been for a walk followed by a healthy breakfast. Would your bosses take you and your new confidence and higher energy levels more seriously?

Another example is relationships, how much more could you offer your better half if you were healthy, full of life and always smiling ? You’d inspire them for sure.